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Le Delizie del Cupin 

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Le Delizie del Cupin is an online store that, since its foundation, offers a range of high quality items at reasonable prices.
All our products are without preservatives, dyes, additives, thickeners, sweeteners and enhancers
of flavor. They are prepared only with selected raw materials and flavored with spices and sea salt.

Chosen among the best Italian producers and with high standards certified by the CE stamp on each product.
We choose the best raw materials, we select them only in Italy and especially in Liguria and Tuscany. We work them in a sterile environment with certainty of transparency through Ce Certification. The processing takes place slowly and dictated by the love of the products of the earth. The cooking takes place as grandmothers did at home, just to preserve all the taste.
We have been striving for excellence from our first day and will continue to do so

The Le Delizie del Cupin team knows that every item makes a difference and is committed to making your entire shopping experience as rewarding and fun as possible.

Take a look at our online shop and special offers and contact us with any questions or requests.

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We welcome you to Le delizie del Cupin, the most loved online store by customers. We have great deals available on the latest arrivals and items on sale. Browse our catalog and immediately start saving on future purchases.

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