Our Pomarola Bio is a very tasty and delicate condiment. It can be perceived immediately upon opening the jar, given that the product has a very pleasant tomato aroma.

Already at the first taste you immediately perceive the organoleptic qualities and the softness of the flavor, delicate and never aggressive.

It is highly appreciated by consumers who love vegetarian products and who are looking for a "homemade Pomarola" as our grandmothers did. It is very suitable for those who are looking for a light, animal-protein-free dressing for seasoning short or long pasta.


All our products are without preservatives, without thickeners, without glutamate or other flavor enhancers.

Pomarola Bio

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  • The ingredients are simple and selected. Tomato, onion *, carrot *, celery *, basil *, salt, chili pepper *.

    All from organic agriculture

    IT BIO 006 B3515